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     Cheyenne Nicole was born in Southwest, Kansas on September 6. Shortly after, she moved to the small town of Buffalo, Wyoming, where her journey began. From little on, she knew that music was her passion. She says, "I remember at a crazy young age, being that kid that carried one of those Playskool microphones around everywhere and singing with it haha." Cheyenne found herself participating in some talent shows around her little town, and karaoke with the family. "I'm extremely fortunate to have such a supportive family. I don't know where I'd be without them." When asked who her biggest inspiration was she answered with; "My biggest inspiration has always been my brother Justin, he's like my best friend. He has always had such musical talent whether its with writing lyrics, being a genius on the piano, or busting out sick riffs on the guitar. Bub was someone who always pushed me to never give up and to become the best i can be." Throughout the years, Cheyenne Nicole's sound was influenced by artists such as Evanescence, Miranda Lambert, Brantley Gilbert, Alison Krauss, and Mayday Parade. Her unique rock/country sound has a certain edge that keeps fans coming back for more. This 15 year old is well on her way! She has taught herself a variety of instruments such as guitar, banjo, percussion and piano.

     Having grown up in the mountains of Wyoming, Cheyenne found her love for animals and the wilderness. Her free spirit and independence are easily found within her lyrics. Her interest in the outdoors was sparked by numerous fishing and camping trips growing up. She says, "I really have Wyoming to thank for my adventurous side and my want of freedom. I spent a lot of my time on the mountain snowboarding or laying by a river fishing or just thinking about everything. It's my favorite place to be, in the solitude of nature." Everything changed for her when her family moved to the state of Texas. The new region added a different side to her music. Cheyenne moved to Arkansas after two years of being in Texas. No matter where life's trail led her, she never gave up her Wyoming roots. Still she dreamt of wild horses and her future back where it began. She began 8th grade in Arkansas, where she continued drumline in the schools marching band, and began her journey in Agriculture, more importantly FFA. "FFA has been an incredible attribution to my life. I have met so many lifelong friends and achieved such great things with it. It really opens up several doors to ones future." She says. with hard work and dedication, She has won and recieved recognition for talent shows with her voice and guitar, and gathered several awards with her outstanding percussion skills. Her music follows her throughout all of her adventures, and is a dominent part of her life. 

"I appreciate all of your support! my fans mean the world to me :)"

Thanks for visiting my page <3

 -Cheyenne Nicole
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